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I'm back, muthafuckazzz. :D

I got home last night after a long and horrible day. We arrived at the Frankfurt airport at 11am since our flight was at 2pm. Then we found out it was delayed 6 hours because the previous flight got in late and the crew needed a mandatory 8 hours sleep. So, we fly out at 8pm after waiting around in the airport. After a very boring 10 hour flight, we land in Calgary at 10pm local time, because of the time difference and shit. Then we can't find our van because my uncle didn't tell us where he dropped it off, so we searched for 3 hours... 7 parkades... and finally found it. Everyone, needless to say, was cranky and tired and just wanted to get home. I hadn't slept at all this whole time. BUT ANYWAY... I'm glad to be home. :D It was fun, but I get homesick easily. Especially when half way around the world. Ish.

I saw so many things that I'd studied in Art History and so it was really exciting for me to be able to visit all the places we went. It was pretty tiring though, since everyday was a long day of walking around sightseeing, trying to see as much as possible in one day... before sailing to the next place. And it was so fucking hot, everywhere. If you ever want to feel like you're going to burst into flames... go to the Mediterranean in July. :P It was about 110 and HUMID... people were dripping sweat. Haha anyway... I dunnno why I'm talking about all this. I have pics! I tried to narrow down 400 to the very best ones.. and still ended up with 146 :/ Oh wellz. Here...

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& also...

Happy Birthday Taryn!
Happy Birthday Char!
Happy Birthday Leesa!
♥ ♥ ♥
You're the best I've ever had

Oh. My gosh. Where to start? I have no idea... but I'll just see where the typing takes me. Lol.

I had the most amazing time visiting my baby. It gets better and better every time. We did everything, and more! Went to the fair, had a blast, ate cotton candy and played games. We went to the mountains, to the movies, to Wal-mart. Hehe. Set up the tent, played in the pool, drank alcohol, played cards, played Mario Party, played dominoes. We showered together, he washed my hair... and my back. ♥ We laughed, we were silly, we goofed around. We got dressed up, we went to the art museum, went out for dinner, visited the university. We just hung around the house, I petted his cat, we talked. He made french toast for me. We made grilled cheese sammiches together. We went to McDonalds and got happy meals, while we were all dressed up. We ate salads from Wendy's and Jack in the Box. We made funny inside jokes, cuddled at night, kissed in bed. We went through his change jar and found all the state quarters so I could have them. I'm up to 39 I think. We took the rest of the change to the bank and got $110. We ate Japanese food at the mall, I bought some clothes, we took picture in the photobooth. He wiped the tears from my face when I was sad about going home.

There's probably so much that I'm missing... but I can't think right now. I'm sad and I miss him terribly.... but I'm also happy because I had the best time ever. And I love Daniel more than ever. And he just makes me happy.

I shall write more later, if I can.

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I said I would write some more. :D

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Being at home doesn't feel like home. Being with Daniel feels like home. :)

I had sooo much fun there with him. All I can think about are the fun things we did, our little inside jokes, everything. Hehe I loved saving up quarters and then going to Toys R Us and spending them all on those little toy machines while we were dressed up all fancy. And I loved drinking with him and going on an 'adventure' walk in the dark and just goofed around. Though I somehow got little cactus needles in my pants and they were stabbing my shin when I walked. Haha, good times. :D And watching 'Friends' all the time was so fun. It's 100x better watching it with Daniel. And even better, watching it while drunk, lol. Mmm... I love laying with him and just staring at him. Or cuddling. Or having him tickle me, leaving me no choice but to laugh. I loved being silly and just being... me. I liked giggling about things like us mentioning touching our eyes together... haha... or ordering Syphilis from McDonalds, or "the CITY"! I loved going to buy Common's new album with him at Borders, and then listening to it from start to finish three times while driving around looking for the Olive Garden. Hehe. I loved going to the zoo, even though it was really hot out that day. It was so much fun, and it was such a cute thing to do together. I loved just listening to him talk about something. Or make jokes about something and make me laugh. I loveeed hugging him, and just holding him and having him hold me. Especially if I was feeling a little down. Just being able to feel his love, and know that he cares so much would make me feel so good. I loved being able to be there for him like he's there for me... to make him feel better, to make him smile and laugh. When he's happy, it makes me sooo happy. I loved all the little things so much, like going to the store together, brushing our teeth together, waking up together, holding hands in the car... holding hands in general. I loved going to Pizza Hut and being the only ones there... and then eating half a pizza. It was sooo good. Hehe that was fun. I love the way he makes me feel, like I can just be myself and no matter what, I'm still pretty. He makes me feel so good, and sooo happy. Just genuinely happy. I love him so much. More than I can put into words, even though I try often. I can't describe exactly how I feel, but it doesn't matter, because I know that he knows. And that is all that matters. I'm so lucky to have him and to have what we have. It's amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better two weeks.

Thank you. <3